Monday, April 06, 2015

It is all about the numbers..or not

I have ran into the bumps in the road over numbers
Zip codes... check written..

Did you know.. that when you write a check.. and you write
in the line $400.00 and then when it comes to the writing one,
...of four dollars and no cents is written out. 
That the bank looks at it and  cashes it for $4.00...  Very  embarrassing when the company you wrote it out to..
emails you, that the REST of your payment
is due in about 3 days.. You go back to your check book and see the $400.. you know you wrote it.. you call, and they said well, the written out one was not the same and we have to take the written out one, as the bank only uses the written out one. Embarrassing..  Won't do that again. So I doubt check.

Then there is the zip code... You write out the full address.
making the state in large letters... and then add the zip
code. In the state of Washington, one side is 98xxx and the
other side is 99xxxx.  Being I was writing out a lot of the
98xxx ones.. it stuck in my mind when I wrote the one on
the east side of the state.. (thought all of the states had the
same first two numbers for the whole state)...and what is the
chances of the west side having the same last 3 numbers
as the east side does.  Well, I can tell you..
that Kennewick and Bremerton do have the same last 3
numbers.  The fact the address is all written out.. doesn't
cut it..

Like I said it is all about the numbers.. Some times they
are the only ones that count.. and some times they don't
count at all.

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