Thursday, April 16, 2015

This and That...

Once again, I am spinning wheels.. wanting to do more
than I can.. this time physically as well as weather wise.
Went out  Wednesday to do some transferring of compost
from one section to another..  Get the new stuff off of the
old stuff.   We have been adding to it since last summer.
And the old stuff is really rich.. 
Only trouble with that is... in order to dig in with the fork,
I have to use my right foot, which is attached to the right
knee that I injured last Wednesday. Bad enough to do
a dang good job of imitating Chester from Gunsmoke.
But I was able to do a lot of lifting instead of shoveling.
The sunshine felt so good, so got some weeding done.

But then I went into the house as it got colder.. and
got a box out that I started last fall, and put away for
the holidays.   Spend two hours trying to figure out
how to run the little machine.. Trying all the buttons,
and etc.. after an hour, looked for the booklet. That
took another hour.  But I got 5 different places cleaned
out and straighten out, just trying to find the dang
booklet.  I was about to give up.. as I look at a place
I knew I saw it last and looked at 3 times in the past
hour.. and bingo ...there is a card on the floor and
under that card.. THE BOOKLET... Thank you God.

Then I spent 2 more hours, running very old negatives
thru the gadget, and saving them on the card..then
transferred them to the computer..  After that I spent
a half an hour, filing them in folders and sharing some.
One of which was a hoot.. it was a picture of my #4
son in his tux.. white with blue sash..(remember
this is the 1980's.) .. and the song Staying alive,
staying alive... came to mind.. So I shared it with
his girlfriend.... nothing is worse than a mother who
finds old negatives of old pictures... that embarrass


and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Worel....

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