Sunday, April 05, 2015

75 and still going...

Today is Easter... and it also happens to be my 75 birthday... 
I don't feel 75 years old.. I remember when I was a kid, 75 was 
so VERY OLD... And as the years went by.. it was still 
old.. lol...  Yet, here I am still alive and well. 
I don't ever remember thinking about me getting to be 75.
I was too busy living life to stop and think about it. That
is until the last year or so.. And so far I haven't seen
any signs of a expiration date on my we must
be good to go yet.  So here is a few pictures of that past 75

my folks and myself... about 2 years old
 here I am about 4...

Here I am with my buddy.. who I lost last July.... sad I can't share this day with him.. so I could tell him 75 is no big deal..

My first job... friend of my parents sold balloons at parades... so he would work on side of the road and I did the other side.. this was at the Bristol, R.I. parade I believe.

 Then .. believe it or not.. I actually graduated ...

and the dread high school graduation picture.. with 
my famous ponytail that I wore for years...

Moved out to San Diego Ca... and got a dog..miniature 

Then jump forward about 20 years... in Roslyn, Washington..
this is one of my favorite pictures of myself.. hairdo is bad..but 
the face is good. 

Then it is off to Ellensburg, Washington, we were building on a house we bought.. that had no running water in it yet.. so dishes were washed in a big pan, My mother said the only thing missing from this picture was a rifle leaning against the wood pile.. It was 
her favorite picture of me..

 This was my favorite horse .. Lady.. had to get up on a stump or a truck tail gate to get on her.. they sold her to me as a Tennessee walker, but it turn out she was a 5 gaited.. which I loved riding her.. especially doing the rack..  

This is in Idaho... Vay area... and this is my other favorite picture of me..

This woman... was like a second Mom to me.. this is my sweet Aunt Harriet. my father's sister.. She was the best.. I learned so much from her.. how to laugh, how to have compassion, to forgive, ... she could love unconditionally, I am still working on that. 
 And I miss her greatly...

This is one of those things you get talked into... but it was for a good was out at the fairgrounds about 1989. I got 
dunked A LOT.. first one was by my boyfriend, who is now,
my King... 

this pretty well says it all... by itself..

this was a couple years later..

At a church dinner for Valentine's Day, about 1999.
The King and I...

One of my most fun thing to do.. play in the water with my grandkids.. We were both soaked at the end...   can't believe he is 19 now..   Water fights were a going deal in our house hold
over the years.. One time in Roslyn, it was a household
water fight as it ended up in the kitchen. with the floor
so wet.. we were slipping. 

Here are the 4 most important men in my life.. well 4 of the 5, as there is the King to count too..   ALWAYS FUN TIMES WITH 
THESE 4...

He is getting closer to getting the truck done.. we were trying out the seats, when this picture was taken..

Here is the 2 most important women in my life...

All but one of my crew...

Another on.. 1992

Turning 70 in Hawaii...

My Auntie Jo.. the woman who came to eat at our house
when I was 15.. and helped me with Thanksgiving dinner
dishes.. No adult ever did that for me before.. so she has
been my angel since then..  Herbie, her husband.. was 
the babysitter of my brother and I.. 

And the women in my life.. who make my life a blessing.... and so much son's wives...

Not a bad show for 75 years of living... and hopefully the good Lord will bless me 
with a few more years...


Marianne Love said...

Well, Cis, Happy Birthday and Happy Easter. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Hope you have a fabulous day, and it sounds like the great times are ahead in a couple of months when you have your big family celebration. Enjoy!

Jc Haines said...

Happy birthday, Mom! Love you forever!

Jc Haines said...

Happy birthday, Mom! Love you forever!

jewelz said...

Happy Birthday Mom as Tink would say I love ya Lots'a.

Mari Meehan said...

75 years young. Not bad.