Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Can't figure out the weather??....

We all know that the weather does as it darn
well wants to. Not even the weather forecaster
can really predict what is going on.

And the year 2015 is no exception. No matter where
you live.  Living on the west coast, we have actually
had it pretty darn good.  We have had one of the lightest
snow season this year. Last REAL snow we had was back
in January.. February dapped in it a smidge, but
nothing to really say we had anything. We just had
the piles left over from January in the different
parking lots and along some of the places where
it was pushed. 

And the East Coast was swing along in January
with little to nothing.. and then February 1st came
and I am not sure it has stopped snowing yet.  I
do know they got more than 2 feet over night,
several times.
They had ice along with it and the wind.  There
were pictures of the houses on Cape Cod... where
the wind blew the snow and ocean water over 2 story
buildings on the beaches, encasing them in ice as it
froze with the wind.  From Maine, down to below the
Carolina's, it has been on mass of snow and ice.

Now us.. we have had flowers trying to come up
for a month. We are all in the garden mode. We
want to plant.. and those of us with common sense
have held off. And it hasn't been easy. Green houses
are going gangbusters.  But we know.. we know
that only a fool plants outside before Mother's Day
here in Idaho.  All of February, all of March, and now
here we are with April coming on strong. And what
happen?  We got farmers fertilizer.. better known
to some of those new people.. as snow.  But it is
gone already. Inch and half gone with in 8 hours.

In New England, where I was raised, we had a
saying...... if you don't like the weather, just
wait a while, sometime during the day, you
will have one that you like...  And you dress in
layers from October to May. So you can peel
it off when it warms up during the day, and put
it back on as the evening comes.

But with all the water that is flowing thru the
streets of the mid west.. California has nothing.
Oh, how they wish they could pipe it from the
flooding streets of the mid west to California
lakes and streams.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cis,
Today's "Eye Of The Beholder" in Huckleberries Blog some how reminded me of you.
Love your sharing 😊

Word Tosser said...

You know anonymous... I might have messed up.. I should have called this blog EYE OF THE BEHOLDER... lol

Word Tosser said...

By the way, those who use the anonymous button... could you please leave a first name.. or at least initials.. so I can differential from one to the other?
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