Wednesday, April 29, 2015

50 years/100 years

Some times when I am not in a big rush.. I
read the 50 years ago and 100 years ago

Yesterday when I read it.. I didn't know that the
Clark Fork post office open 50 years ago. It is
a very old town.. so would have figured they
had one 100 years ago.. but they said it was 50.

The 100 year ago one, was very interesting.
They were talking about how they gathered
a crew to work on the city of Sandpoint's

That the crew gathered to repair the town streets
which had pot holes and etc.  And you would
never know who the volunteers were.  At least
I was really surprised.   They were LAWYERS,
JUDGES, and MERCHANTS!!!  People who
were not use to manual labor in their daily

Now could you see that happening now days?
Can you see them, all of the 2015 group, deciding
the city was paying too much money out for
that service and do it themselves?  NOT
HARDLY...  Heck you would be lucky if
you could get them to sweep the streets
for a photo opt.. never mind doing the work.

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