Thursday, April 02, 2015

Well, this ought to be a zoo

Our town is going to be changing their roads.
Actually it isn't our direct town but the nearest
bigger town.. called Sandpoint.

They have taken the streets back from the state,
as the state built a bypass 2 years ago. So down
town is now going to change from state highway
to Sandpoint streets. And this ought to be interesting.

See we have a square in the main part of town.
There is First street that goes thru town. Then
you hit Cedar Street, coming to 5th Avenue.
And then finishing off the square with Pine Street.
All of which has been for about 20 years or more,
one way streets.  I don't believe I ever saw them
when they use to be two way.

It is bad enough that they are turn the streets
into two ways.  That I think would work out
pretty well.. but somewhere, someone decided
that one of the streets won't be entered by
the main traffic.  So it is going to be come one
of those jokes... you know the one that says,
Also they think they will do it the summer of

Well, that should be a plan from hell.  You see,
we are a summer tourist town. Our streets
come alive during the summer.  We have
quite a few in the winter, with the skiing
on the slopes. But most of that is going
by the way of the bypass now.. as the turn
off for the mountain is pass Sandpoint.
And the mountain has become pretty
independent. The only thing they
don't have is a grocery store. But
Walmart is on the way to where
you turn off.. so that is taken care
of.  They have hotels, condo's and
restaurants with bars. So that about
takes care of the skiers wants. Until
they leave, which is by the way of
the bypass.

If it was me, I would be doing it at
the end of August as the tourist
season gets over.  After all, they
have to train the locals  to deal
with these changes. Otherwise
you will have confused locals along
with the tourist.. that spells disaster
in my book..

Me, well, you see, I have said I
rather be horse whipped than go
to Sandpoint during the day. I try
to get my business done between
9am and 9:30am.. Other wise it
will be a disaster, with these new
changes. And you know the old
saying, it is hard to train an old
horse.. or is that dog new tricks?  

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