Thursday, April 30, 2015

This why I love going to the woods..

I love finding old cabins.. and if they are in disarray 
that is ok too.. some times even better.... 

The first few were taken when the King
and I were up in the hills.. he was hunting
with a gun, and I was hunting with the

This cabin is at the start of the loop thru 
Clark Fork that goes over the high drive. 

This one, is on the other side of the trip... nearer the end, that ends up coming out on Highway 95...  As you can see there is something unique about this cabin... See the tree growing up thru the roof?   

 When the King has time, I will have to have him take me on another round to see if these cabins are still standing.. as these were taken in 2007

Now these were taken just this week.. when my galpal and I decided to look for a certain house in the Cabinet Gorge area... the town of Cabinet no longer exist. Sad to say...  But these were some of the shots I took... We were quite a way from this electric line.. but with my zoom, I was able to pull this in and to my surprise when i got home and downloaded it on my computer
I see there are TWO birds in the nest.. 

Looking across the valley we could see a little bit of the snow on the mountain.. most of the snow is off.. which is scary.. Could mean forest fires in the summer.

This was an unique building.. found out it was used as a granary?  But the owner has made it into a artist it 
has a great view...

And of course a place like this,  is not complete without an outhouse...

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