Thursday, April 23, 2015

Things that just don't make sense/or blame it on the cow

From time to time, there are things that
are said or claimed, that just don't make
sense to you... at least not to me..

Take the one about the cows. You know
you have read it from time to time about
how the gas burped up by the cow, chewing
it's cud, puts off a gas into the atmosphere.
And that is what they claim is causing global
warming..  and I guess they want to get rid
of such cows.

Now that just doesn't wrap around in my head
very well.  First off, man is not going to give
up his favorite food chain item.  That is a given.
The meat eater way out weigh the vegetarians
by far.
Next there are way less cow/cattle now than
there were say 100 years ago. After all, every
rancher had thousands and thousands of
cattle that roam, thousands and thousands
of acres of land.  Unless they are saying they
are all push together it makes it worse. But
with all those cattle roaming the hillsides 100
years ago.. how come there wasn't global
warming then?

Maybe because there wasn't as many smoke
stacks at that time..
Even if we were to get all of our smoke stacks
to be clean.. what about all the foreign country's
who stack spew out black smoke daily.  So
they have to work on those countries first. 
After all, look at China can't see the person
in front of them on most days.. and they all
wear mask to be able to breathe.. They are
the only country..
But if they are going to blame the poor cattle,
I have one better for them.. There is a gas
that is being let loose daily... by millions..
billions of billions of humans... Now maybe
they don't want to talk about it on the media.
But it is alive and well.   Be it a small child, or
any size adult..  They all FART... not only
once a day, but many times a day... mulitply
that by  billions of human thru out the world..
the earth bound. well I tell you friends... and
readers.. that is a LOT OF GAS..
and it surely is more powerful than
any burp from a cow..

And if the media and the government get ahold
of that information, you better look out.. because
we all will be fitted for filters on our butts... and
a fine for farting in public and in your homes..
There will be fines to pay for the fart police or
for a radar put in everyone's house that will
detect and send off a siren, when someone
lets one loose in their home.. then we will
have noise pollution..  Yep, I can just hear
it now..

Maybe it would be safer to blame it on the cow.  

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