Thursday, April 09, 2015

Calling in a sick day....

I am calling in a sick day for this day..
Got one of those.. went to bed healthy and
woke up with a pain.  My muscles around
my knee are killing me... on a 0 to 10, it is
running 9 to 14...  Don't have a clue what
or how.. but know I didn't help it yesterday either.
I am on the tax committee for my town...and
we want to raise the taxes.. We are 3rd from
the bottom for the whole state of Idaho..
The city has some needs and the budget isn't
close.. so need to raise the taxes.. Hasn't
been raised since 199x something..  I pass
my share yesterday.. which included 2 streets
both sides. and 4 side streets.  By the
time I was done, I was playing Chester from I came down the last

So pardon me, as I call in sick today..  have

a good week. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are having so much pain. ☹
Sincerely hope you will get good healing rest, and have a very speedy recovery.