Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A day to remember... even more so for me..

45 years ago, the whole nation was excited about
a new celebration of the Earth..  The powers that
be decided to call this date EARTH DAY...

So on this day, 45 years ago...
People were celebrating the earth and all that
it does for us... and to make sure that WE as
citizen honor and respect  the earth. The start
of green everything.. green friendly plants,
green friendly environment, everything thing
you can think of to make the Earth a better
place.  So they woke up that morning, the
first day of EARTH DAY... 

But not me... I was already awake before dawn.
About 2am.. I  believe... and about 4am headed
to the hospital.  And at 6am... my husband and
I celebrated our own fantastic day.  Arriving that
morning, with good lungs, and a cute smile.. was
our daughter, better known as JC.. now..  She was
to be the last of our tribe.. Her father had 7 children,
by previous marriages and I had 7 by a previous
marriage.  And the good doctors decided we had
populated the earth enough.. and she was our last
one.   So I guess you could say.. on that day.. or a
day later.. we made our contribution to the green
of the earth.

You know how the saying goes.. OLDER THAN DIRT?
Well, she says she is AS OLD AS DIRT.. 

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my last of the tribe.. who
has brought her father and I,  more joy than life

deserves to give us. 

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