Monday, May 04, 2015

-5 or 60+

If you want the truth.... the up front truth, then
ask anyone under 5 or older than 60.  This is
true of 90% of each group.

The under 5 has no inhibitness and just says it
as it is.  They don't know about
people's feelings, or what is correct to say or not
to say.. It just comes out how they see it..

And the over 60, just says it as it is..
because they don't care. 
Especially if it is a woman over 60.  It actually
starts around 55, but by 60, it is full blown. Why?
Because by that time  we have nothing to lose.  We
can be brave, not care.. we can do what we want.
Not worry  about fitting in, being in the market place
of life or getting "the  guy" or the job.  We are free,
we're loose...We have no one to impress or worry
about what other think.   So its the truth. the raw truth.

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