Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and holes....


I hope all you women had a great Mother's Day.
Mine was just fine... a great day with  my local
daughter, on Saturday..   Yard sale, Farmer's market,
food court near by.. eating in the sunshine..  walk thru
our little down..  And what you see above is
my Mother's day present..  It is an angel
that is solar run, and it changes colors on the
bottom, as it lights up the face.. Pretty cool.
Along came phone calls from my son's.
Also Mother's days cards from the boys and
my oldest daughter..  Just a nice quiet
Mother's Day.. just like I like it...

Last week, I was told that a crew was going
to come out and check on a leak that the water
department found. Thankfully on their side of
the meter.   It will be just a little hole
and not tearing up the lawn like they use to do.
And they were true to their word..  It actually
was pretty amazing.
They had a power washer that sprayed water,
with a huge vacuum that pull the dirt up in the
hole they made.. down to the pipe, a quick
replacement and back filled with dirt and they
were on their way.

As they were working I wondered.. wouldn't
that be a dandy to dig a hole for a tree.. It
waters it as it takes out the dirt.. So place tree
and fill in dirt around the root and fill it up.
There you would be.. tree planted and watered
all in one unit..  Don't suppose they would
do trees... do you.. nah, didn't think so.

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