Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The strong women of life

I have always been considered a tomboy. I
didn't do the doll bit. Only had one and it was
a Sparkle Plenty doll. Long blonde hair after
Dick Tracy's daughter from the comics.. But
I decided that Sparkle would look better in
short hair.  Cut all of the 18 inches of hair off
the doll..   That ended dolls for me.
After that it was barns, horse, dogs and cats.
Stuffed and non...

As I got older, I was the strong one. I thought
it was because my mother raised me to be
strong as she wasn't the normal mother. She
was a single child of a single child.. so wasn't
quite sure what to do with two kids.  She was
tough.  To survive I learn to be strong. Which
helped me in life.

But I am from strong my grandmother
on my father's side... not only raised 4 children,
but when her husband (my grandfather) was so
sick, she ran their livery stable. She had a hired
hand, but she keep the business going, keeping
the customers happy... getting supplies, and
making sure all the horses were in good shape.
As well as nurse my grandfather, did wash,
in the old days (this is 1918 and etc) 
you did it by hand. Also keep up with the
cooking and baking and all the regular wife
chores. This went on for almost a year.

My mother, was not your average housewife.
She had the horse farm.  small one.. but also
in her spare time.. She sewed fishing nets.
Not your small scoop up fishing nets..
But the full long ocean trapping nets.
She would have the white nets strung
(to my father's dismay) from one side
of the living room to the other. Piecing
them together. See they were about half
a block long, straight and then there was
a box with a funnel like on one side. Then
there was a long straight section, like the
other side had. The net would be laid out
in the ocean, with buoy like corks to float
the top, and lead weights to hold down the
bottom.. the straights would lead the fish
into the funnel of the box.. The fishermen
would have a skiff, on each side of the
sides of the box section. And they would
go out daily, and lift the box netting up into
the skiff until  the fish were seen swimming.
They had a netted scoop, that scooped up the
fish out of the top of the  net and into the
holding hole in the ship.  They would have
at least two of these nets.  Replacing one
each year.  This was in late 1940"s.

The winter months my mother would
spend sewing them together adding the
corks and the lead weights to the top and
And in the spring the fishermen would take
it to the tar pit.  Which they had lit the box
underneath with fire wood.  When the
tar was hot, they would run the net thru it
and then spread it out on the acres they
owned behind out house to dry.

During the summer months, my mother
would walk the nets that were brought
in from the ocean, and check for holes.
Sewing up those holes one by one.
They rotated the nets every two weeks.
So it was an on going job. 
And she was the first woman to ever
do that job. They interviewed her one
time and wrote an article on her.
Tomorrow, I will tell you what I use to do.

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Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I had a Sparkle Plenty doll, too.....never cut her hair though.