Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seneacquoteen Cemetery...

Seneacquoteen Cemetery

Out in an area that we all call Vay, there is a sweet little
cemetery. Vay, for those who are not local, is an area
between Priest River and Sagle, just south and outside of 
Sandpoint,  Idaho.

My husband who passed away in 1986 is buried there.
So is the King's mother and father.. in fact they are just
one plot away from each other.  The King's mother and
the King bought the plot for Marvin.  At that time the
cost was $50.  I have no idea what it cost now.  Won't
be finding out either, as I will have my ashes blown to
the wind by the lake and the King will have the woods
to cover with his.   Neither of us are big on cemeteries.
We aren't against them, just we believe more of ashes
to ashes to nature.

Yesterday, the King and I went out and put flowers on
our love ones graves and then attended the Memorial
Services put on by the local veteran's group.  It was
a very nice service.  Last year there was about 8 people
there. This year is the 3rd year and there was a parking
lot, and 3 lines of cars full for it.  Very nice turn out.

As we approached the cemetery, it was pouring rain
out. And then it stopped with just sprinkles while we
planted the flowers.  As the ceremony started it was
a light rain.  I heard someone mention about how they
almost didn't come because of the rain.. I turn and told
them.. You see all these vets here? Well, as far as I know,
when they were fighting for us.. they didn't stop the war
for a day or two while it rained... and started it back up
after the rain has passed. They fought thru rain, snow
and mud... and I figured it was the least that I could do was
show up here to honor those men and women.  I heard
them say...she is right.. and that is when the ceremony
started.. with a trumpet player...with it's soulful sound.

Sometimes we forget what and where our troops are
fighting and in what weather.. Too bad we only remember
on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.   Even on the 4th of
July, we are so wrapped up in parades, cook outs and etc.
We forget how and when  our country started

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