Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Your feet.....

I heard a survey on the radio on my way to a friends
house.  The question you wash/scrub your
feet  or do you just like the water and what soap that
falls  take care of your feet.

It was actually a 50/50 deal.. Some swore by scrub
and some like to just wash with soap, but half of them
did nothing.. but what ever falls on them during the
shower.  Now no one mention in the tub.. the general
answers were showers..  Which could be asked..
do you take a shower or soak in the tub.  but that
is another survey.

I have to be honest.. I take the worse care of my feet.
Yes, I wash them with soap and rinse.... and yes I
am a shower person..  Can't do the tub bit, as I can't
stand to sit in water that now has my dirt of my body
in it.  The few times I did take a bath, I let the water
out and then showered off.  

Hot tubs don't appeal to me either.  A friend talked me
into the one at the club we were at.. all I could think of
was the people who were in there before.. and if they
were kids, then they peed in it too..  She said NO, they
have filter that the water circulates in..   Sorry, not
good enough for me.. I took a shower right after.

Now the King scrubs his.. takes a tiny scrapper to  his 
heels and sides of his big toe area... Puts on creams for feet.  
They just look like regular feet to me.  But I don't do all 
that.. and as I think about it, maybe that is not a good 
thing.  After all I do depend on these two items to get 
me where I want to go.
And having wore a sore on my foot when I was walking
all day in Hawaii.. I sure can relate at how much we

take our feet for granted. So maybe I should pay more attention.

HOW ABOUT YOU??? Do you take good care of your feet?  

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