Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Some things just drive you crazy....

I started out yesterday on a short quest.
Find my glass bird feeder and put it in
the front yard.

Took about 20 minutes to find the glass
dish part, but the brace legs were not there.
Of course, not... that would be too simple.

After 4 hours of cleaning out the garden
shed in my quest to find the legs.. I had
a clean shed.. and no legs.

I looked thru the garage, the shed that
holds the boat. No where to be found.

Put the glass bowl on the grass and
filled it up with water.  Just not
going to find it, was my thoughts.
Make lemonade out of lemons.

Then I had a load of stuff to go thru
on the picnic table that came from the
shed.  To keep or not to keep was the

Half way thru the deciding factors,
I saw 4 metal stakes that are used for
holding a fence down to the ground.
I use them for holding my metal birds
of my yard art and was missing a few.
I went over where the birds were laying
down..  Stood them up and pushed down
the stakes on to their base. All went in
fairly well.. except one. So I got down
on my knees, and pushed with all I had
to break thru the ground and my view
went beyond the bird.

for the bird bath, that I had been looking for
at least 5 and half hours.  I had put a small
board on top of it..... and today, I laid a dish
on top with water for the birds.  I did have the
presences to thank God for helping me find
the dang thing.. but thought (hope he wasn't
listening) that he could have had me find it
before I clean out the whole damn shed.
Oh, well, clean shed, threw 1/4 of the
stuff away... but sometimes it sure does

bend your sanity. 

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