Thursday, May 07, 2015

The strong women of life....2

Myself... I think I already mention some
where down the road, that I use to smash
cars with my husband.  We had a truck
with a free wheeling cable wheel on the
back. With a card table size piece of iron.
We would raise it up and let it fall
down on the cars.. taking about 6 times
to flatten a car.  After we got 10 to 15
cars done.. depending on size.... we
would load them up on the semi. My
husband would use the same truck with
the cable to raise the car up into the air.
We would put a chain on each corner
of the car, then have them join in the
middle, which the hook from the cable
on the truck, would hook it and up it would
My job was to make sure the car was
lined up from side to side.  Which meant
by the time we got to the top, I would
be standing on top of the cab of the semi.
And if things weren't going smoothly,
well, we would be doing this into the
night. Using my pick up truck headlights
for light on the semi.  And I would stand
up on of the cab of the semi, holding these
cars bumpers, making sure it was level
and straight and then nod my head, and
he would lower it down.  After we got
all the cars in place, we then took
cables and threw them over the load.
3 of them.. hook on one side, and
wrenching them on the other side so
that they would scrunch down more
and be tight. At 4am he would head
to Seattle (we lived in Roslyn, Wa.)
and sell the load. For $7 a ton..
When I was reading about a year or
so ago.. That scrap iron was going for
$700 to 900 dollars a TON.. I couldn't
believe it.. Marv must have been rolling
in his grave.  So much work for so little.

One of my jobs was to burn the car after
he dropped it off at our site. He would
go get cars from people who were junking
them or the Chief of Police asked us to
remove old cars from town and out in the
woods on the border of the town, where
people had dumped them.

We burnt them, because it was easier to
pull the copper wiring out of the dash
after they were burnt.

One day, I was doing that, as his partner
Mac and he were bring in the cars. I had
removed the tires off the cars and had
quite a stack for the week.  Some times
we would sell them for a buck a piece
wheel and tire. But a lot of times we
would throw them in the car before we
burnt it.  But we were really hustling
as we had to get rid of about 20 cars for
the town.  So there was the pile of tires.
I had asked them what did they want to
do with all those tires? (about 80 of them)
and they said they didn't care, put them
in the cars. 
After they left, I thought well, that is a
lot of tires to have to pick up and throw
in the couple cars we had to burn yet.

So while I poured some gas on one of
the cars near by, I ...... well... accidentally
spilt some on the tires.. (that is my story
and I am sticking with it) ...and the whole
pile went up in flames... 
About 5 minutes later the guys came back
with another car.  Their faces were something
to behold.  Marv asked me WHAT THE HELL?
 I told him, it was easier that way.. Well, I never
saw him dump a car so fast and flew down the
road out of there. See the black smoke was about
30 feet high.  
About 5 minutes after they left, in comes a green
truck... and a green fire truck.  DNR... Dept. of
Natural Resources...  Lucky for me, they knew
me..  I told them what happen,  about the accidental
gas spillage...   As they started to head back to the
trucks, they shook their heads and said.. well, don't
let it happen again..

Obviously this is before EPA existed or at least in
our area.   They sure ruin a fun time.. as we couldn't
burn cars anymore at the end.  
Found out later that I was the first car smasher.
I actually did two loads by myself.

Marv decided when the price dropped to $6 a ton,
he would go to work with the semi somewhere
else until the price came back up.  But it didn't work
out, so he called home and said he was heading home.
I told him I smashed a small load for Mac (his truck
was smaller and only could take 4)... he couldn't
believe it.. So he told me, well, then start smashing
a load for me, I will be home in 2 days.  and I did.

In spite of the hard work, it was a fun time.  I didn't
think anything of it, when I was doing it.. it had to
be done.. and I knew I could.. so I did it.

After Marv died... I became a nurses aide for 17+
years.. not as much fun.   And the funny looks
when my employer asked what did I do for work
before.. and I said... smashed cars..  She said one
at a time... or for a living..  I told her both. as you
can only smash one at a time. lol...

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