Thursday, May 14, 2015

American Idol...the end is near

Wow, American Idol is going to the wayside.
Well, next year anyway.... so guess we get one
more to wonder who will be the one.. If you watch,
I haven't for a couple of years.

It has been on how long? 14 years I think..  So I
guess they are even it out with number 15, next year.  

When it first started, I don't think there was another
show like it.. except over in England that is... which
American copied.  

Started with Randy Jackson which was one of the
nicer but honest judge.... Who was the gal? Paula
Abdul? who was easy one everyone.. and then there
was the acid tongue of Simon Crowell..  A man who
was hated by everyone, as he was and is so full of
himself.  But as the years passed, each judge fell to
the way side... down to the 3 who are there now.
Those 3 I found to be honest, and helpful to the

So many who sang on there, and did not win,
have gone on to bigger and better things.
Jennifer Hudson I think is the one who has gone
the furthest.  And she was out at 7th place or did
she make it to #4?

But it is time to go.. it has run it's course and
entertained us well... But I don't think people
stop their lives anymore to see who has won. 
Nick Fradiani won, in case you missed it last
night...  I didn't watch this time around.. but
was watching the singers they had on last night
as nothing else was on.

There is still the Voice for those who will miss the show

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