Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moment of truth.....

For the past 8 months or so, several  people
have worked hard on a fair raise of taxes for our
city.   I am proud to say, one of those people was
myself..  but hardly the only one.

(for some reason this went to draft and not publish, sorry)

We met once a month.. we met an extra time to
make up a poster and folding them, and stamping
them.. to be mailed out.

Then last month, about 5 of us, went door to door, to
give the poster to the people again.. as a reminder.
Telling them to please come vote for or against this
raise.  We want the people to make a choice.... not just
a few.  We are hoping for it to pass.  Most of the doors
we taped the poster to them as the people
were not at home.. Those who were home, we told them
to read the list of the wish list for the city to use the
extra money for. 

We had dirt roads in the city of Kootenai for many years.
But thru a grant we were able to get them paved.. took
two years, as there was not quite enough to do all of the
streets.  But the city did get it done.   But now those roads
need to be chip sealed, which is more money than the
coffers have.   You see our little town tax rate is .00004.-
Second from the last of the lowest tax rate in the state.

My own place is $28 a year.. I can afford to have that raised
up to $42 approx.   We listed 10 of the top things we needed.
Putting the most urgent in the top 5.

Today, is the moment of truth. Today, is when the people
vote.  Hopefully we will get more than the usual 31 people
who vote regular.  It is not an important election that would
draw people... Just the school board and library board. Not
exactly top drawers for votes.

So here is hoping the people understand the city does need the money.  

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