Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Being a grandparent....

Being a grandparent is such a trip.  One of the
things I have said, is that, having grandchildren
is the greatest revenge you have  on your
own children.

Everything that your child did, is now being
done to them.. by their own children, your

I saw a shirt that said... "If I had known that
having grandchildren was going to be so much
fun... I would have had them first."  And it is true.

I was at the small airport restaurant in R.I. and it
was really early... We, (my son, his son and myself)
were the only ones that were in there. My grandson
was about 4.  And a VERY ACTIVE boy.  He got
bored with his father and I talking and got down
from the booth.  He started at one booth and then
the next.. spilling out salt... and then sugar on to
the table. My son jumped up and yelled no, no..
and went to clean it up, only to have my grandson
hitting booth 3 by that time.  My son grabbed
him, took him back to our booth and sat him down
sternly... stay here, NOW..  I am laughing my
head off... of which my son turn to me and said..
MOM, IT ISN'T FUNNY... and I looked at him,
and said.. you have no idea how funny it is, and
won't until you get your own grandchildren. 
Which happen about 6 years ago..

Only time it isn't so much fun, is the teen years
as you see your children struggle with their
children, as they go thru the teens.  It is the
hardest part of raising children..  And it is a
long 7 years. That part isn't so much fun.. And
sometimes, that is when we grandparents have
to watch and keep our mouths shut, unless ask.
And sometimes we even have some influence
as we become sounding boards for both sides.
With out taking sides. 

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