Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Next Tradition to go?

We have all heard about how the circus are
going to become a lost entertainment.
Most of us have been to at least one
Ringling Barumn Baily Circus. If not that
one … one of many of the smaller circus
have come to a town you live in.

I understand why the animal people were
upset at the circuses… but to the point of
doing away with all animal acts?  Over the
years there has been a lot of cruelty,
Especially in the small circuses.

I saw the Ringling Barumn Baily Circus twice.
Once on the east coast and oone in San Diego.
Both times we walked around the grounds
the day before the main event. As they were
arriving on the lot and settling in.  As they
raised the tent.  I can tell you from those
times, the animals were treated well.. The
elephants especially..  I know tigers and etc
being in a cage can not be a great thing,
compared to the wild.  But they were in good
shape and well fed.

And zoos are trying to open up the areas for
them, more than the days of the 1940’s and up…
But it seems like it is so sad to close the circuses.
Partly because of PETA and other organizations,
partly because with out the animals there is lack
of interest.  R.B.B. is closing this year.  I am sure
,most of you had the wonderment of it all.. that
Children won’t even understand in a few years.

But with that in mind.. I wondered what is next?
As I watch the Kentucky Derby, I wondered will
It be the next one in the PETA spot light?  After all,
They races the horses around the track, with
whips in hand, beating the horses to go faster.
One of the Derby horses was even blind in one
eye… Will PETA be at the race track next?
And will this be another tradition lost to the next

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