Friday, October 22, 2010

My Time is just about up....

I have been busy for the past 10 days or so,
with many projects and I have just about all
of my goals done. All but one scratched out
and today finishing that one off..

The King has been hunting, in the ELK CAMP.
Which is 8 men and two women. One is a wife and
one is an 18 yr. old daughter who has hunted with
her dad for many years. And the ages range from 18
to 87. So the old men of the group, which the King
is one of them, kind of keep a lid on the partying of
the younger ones. But one thing they all agree on is
the hunt is the reason why they are there, year after year.
Filling the freezer is the main goal.

Also there is the written code is, no one leaves camp until
all have gotten their elk. The ones who have gotten their elk
and deer become drivers for the others. Which the King has
become, as he got his last week. So now he drives the hunter
to the top of the ridge, and then goes down to the bottom and
waits for the hunter to come out and give him/her a ride back
to camp. And if the hunter gets his, then the King finds a way
to get as close as he can to the kill and help bring the animal
to camp.

The King has the hunter who is 87. Who he admires his
stamina, as this man handles the trails like a 20 year old.

So the King has had the best time of his life… and after 3
years of dry runs in the elk department, it is wonderful he
not only drew a moose tag, but was able to fill out his moose
tag, elk tag, and deer tag… Our freezer will be full and that
will help our budget greatly.

So next week back to normal, what ever that is… and blogging..And turning the remote back over to the King… ;-(

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