Monday, March 14, 2016


What is patience?  Some of the words are:
endurance ?  staying power?
lack of complaint ? persistence ?
fortitude? serenity?

Patience is waiting for your child to do a chore,
taking up to a half hour or an hour, to do what you
can do in 5 minutes.  Waiting for them to accomplish
something so hard for them, so easy for you... and
seeing the look of pride on their faces.

Patience is waiting for your elderly parent, putting
on a jacket, or their shoes, while you wait for them
to go with you, and not doing it for them. Making
sure you don't take their independence away from

Patience is waiting for a new clerk to get your order
done, when you know you are in a hurry, but
remembering your first day on a job.

Patience is remembering not every day is a good
day for everyone...and having the patience to get
thru the foul disposition of a worker who is waiting
on you.

And having patience with a situation, when you
want to scream.. PATIENCE BE DAMN, I WANT


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