Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Smart Car.....

We have all seen the stories on the news.
And on magazine type shows, like 60 Minutes.
Of the car that can park itself, and people are
embracing it.  After all how many people hate
to parallel  parking? So they replied, this is
good.  That was about 4 or 5 years ago.

Now they are showing us.. you just sit there
and watch as the car goes the correct speed,
slows down when the vehicle in front slows
down.. Stops when the front car stops. And
lets off a alarm if a vehicle or anything gets
too close along side of you... Maybe stopping as
many crashes as there are daily. ...
And the people said quietly...this is good...

There is some cars now that are outfitted with a
camera that faces towards the driver..to detect
the alertness of the driver.. the seat has sensors
which can detect if the driver seat is occupied,
if there is any blind spots it will vibrate under
the left or right thigh.. there is microphones, so
you can command the vehicle and let you know
information you need.  So this car will know
when you are awake and when you are asleep.
And some say that this is good...

So how long before we can program the vehicle
from everywhere.. Home.. Car... go pick up Jannie
at school.. on Main and 4th. Car... drive blind Paul
to the doctors office.. Car .. pick me up at the air
port.    And when it does.. will people think.. this
is good?

I am not sure how I would feel about this. The
machines which we were warned back in the 1950's
that would take over the world...and we laughed.
Maybe not quite so funny anymore.

Personally I like driving.. but what happens to the
day when I no longer am physically able to? Will
this be the answer to how I get to the store or dr.
office?  Will I have a van with a ramp that enters
the rear, and then when I snap my wheel chair in,
will I say, van take me to Dr. Hudson? ... and this is good?
I don't know..

How about you.. do you look forward to this? Will

you say,............ and this is good?   

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