Monday, February 29, 2016


It seems like everyone is screaming over the
words of BLACK LIVES MATTER... That there
are black people who are making it a real issue.
While I understand where they are coming from,
but in my humble opinion they are stirring up
the racial subject and making it worse.

Some have gotten in trouble for putting up
signs of ALL LIVES MATTER....
To me this is what it should be... but we shouldn't
have to say it..  In order for racism to go away
we have to stop pointing out differences.

By pointing out different groups, we are defeating
the purpose of it.  if you are of any of the groups,
you are going contrary to what message you are
trying to point out.

We should not have to point out that Black lives
matter.. police officers matters, or what ever the
yells are..  We shouldn't even have to say...
ALL LIVES MATTER.... we should ACT like

If you are a police officer, if you are a baby, if you
are black, if you are of the Asian ancestry, if
you are mentally challenged, all of you matter..
You are no more important than I am... I AM
no more important than you are...  We are equal.
And if the people are ever going to get it to this
point, we have to start ACTING like it.. Stop
pointing out differences..

Maybe if everyone stopped pointing out differences,
maybe, people won't look for differences.
But then again, I have been accused of looking at life 
thru rose colored glasses. 

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Marlene said...

So tired of the media and last nights Oscars race baiting!