Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I have not seen a written description of the
words, Perfect Storm... but my own would
be,  when several disasters are heading
in the same direction from different areas.

And it seems like we, here in Idaho, especially
in Bonner County, are heading towards a
Perfect Storm, helped by the federal government.

Those of us over the age of 65, who are on
Social Security, were told by the U.S. Government,
that we were NOT getting a raise, because the
cost of living was not raising.   # 1 of the area
of the storm heading our way.. on our budget. 

The # 2 area of the storm heading our way, is the
new bill that is being promised for the property tax
people.  They are going to take away what they
call homeowner’s exemption. Which is a deduction
we get for living in our own home..  In other words
those who rent their houses don't get it.  It has
been a life saver for those of us who are retired.
The Senate has it heading in for vote, in Boise.
And they think it will pass.  So instead of paying
taxes on 2/3rd of my property, I will be paying
100% on my property assessment.

The #3 area of the storm is the proposed
55 MILLION dollars  the school district
is going to throw a levy (they are hoping for 2017).
They are already calling for bids for plans to be
drawn up. That alone should hit the school district
for about $100,000 to 200,000 with out a piece of
dirt moved.
On top of that,  3 MILLION they are having this year,
for repairs and remodeling of several of the existing schools.

Yep, the Perfect Storm for the tax payers.. the low income
who are barely making the payments.. and the senior citizens
who are on such a strict budget as it is.. and then with the
non raise that the Congress decided we didn't need, yet
voted a raise for themselves.. Which is about 1000 per

cent more than any Social Security raise has ever been.  

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