Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lionel Trains......

Did you know that Lionel Trains,  made engines that
came in the colors of pink, yellow, orange? That was
the owner's way of trying to get girls involved with trains
as well as boys.

This happen when people started traveling a lot and
boys were turning to cars to play with. Plus the owner
was very fond of his granddaughter and thought girls
should be able to have their own trains.

In the 1950's Lionel Train was loosing traction.
No pun intended.  His son took over the company,
and the owner sold his shares to a nephew who turn
out to be the Cohen who help Senator McCarthy in the
communism hunts thru the Senate investigations. 
He then in the 1960's sold out to another person who
was helped by Neil Young the singer.. who ended up
owning the whole company. 

Obliviously I was reading a magazine article about
Lionel trains..   My interest about the trains was due
to the fact at the age of 4, I owned one.. At least that
is the story.. I think it was closer to the fact my father
wanted one, so he bought one for his only child.. a girl.
Me.   I say that because the following year they had
a boy.. who all of sudden was the owner of the said
train.  But again, you got to remember what I said.
I think my father wanted the train and we were just
the vessel to fund that train.  As when my brother
got the ripe age of 8 or 10, he challenged Dad to
the ownership. As he was always told it was his
train...BUT... Dad would never let him run it with
out my father hovering over him.  But when
challenged, he had to admit it was my brother's
and he could run it... Which my brother had the
control for about 10 minutes, if that.. and ran it
at full speed.. much to my father's horror, as
he ran from the kitchen to the living room where the
Christmas tree and train where.. I said where as the
train was derailed big time... After 3 times, my
brother was banned from running the train until
"He grew up enough to know how to run a train

I don't know what ever happen to the train.. it sat
under the Christmas tree for years.. and my brother

was diverted to Erector sets and such..  

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