Tuesday, February 09, 2016

What happen to a "matter of principle"?

The new buzz word it Gentrification.
according to Wikipedia ...  it means...
Gentrification is a trend in urban neighborhoods, which results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses.[1] This is a common and controversial topic in urban planning.[2] It refers to shifts in an urban community lifestyle and an increasing share of wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values.[3] Gentrification may be viewed as "correction" of blockbusting and urban flight [4] as many gentrified neighborhoods of the present were once affluent neighborhoods of the past. 

Recently used about Sesame Street move to HBO from PBS.. where it had
been for 40 some odd years..  It seems that all of the characters have
according the song of  The Jefferson's..... have all "moved on up"..
Elmo is now living in a brownstone, and Oscar lives no longer in the
garbage can of old but now in recycling cans in the garden area.
Those of us who watched this show with our now adult children in the
70's, are not crazy about it. They said it speaks of the times, and how
life has been upgraded.

While I find that to not to be so true, as there are still slums and slum
lords....but there is also the great move of the Gentrification people. We
all know of neighborhoods that have been sold out to the highest
bidder.. That now has townhouses, that those who lived in that area
could no way afford.  There are big box stores taking up the spaces
of what was mom and pop stores.  The Yippee generation has
taken over those of modest means.

We all have been living in a town that was just a great little town.
A town that was kind of like Cheers...where everyone knew your
name..  Which some would say, isn't a good thing.   The town
of Sandpoint, is a good example of this.  The trailer parks are
replaced by townhouses, or just a huge house.  This is where
big money bought out the low income property. Sold to the
highest bidder.

These buyers either come themselves or follow those who
move from the big cities to get away from all the crime and
what ever else they didn't like about the big cities.  Yet
within 5 years they are promoting... requesting.. working
with the city hall to get these very values the came here for,
changed over to the exact things that they were running from.

The land owners, trailer parks owners, see the big money
that they can get... more than the rental they are use to
getting.. more than what they paid for the property years
ago.... and they sell, sell , sell...  And can you blame them?
The ring on the carousel may not come by again.
After all it disappeared before... farms that were sold for
4 million dollars.. in the early 2000's... to put in condos
that sold for $400,000 each.. went awash during the drop
of the economy and hasn't return yet.

But what about not selling out... as a matter of Principal?
Instead of going for the big money.. to go for the smaller
changes and smaller money.. if the town really does have
to up date?  What about when there is the big buy, there
be a cause in there, about replacing the people who were
renting.. to a new place of equal values... God forbid,
we know they don't want those people renting their property
for the same amount the people were paying before.
Maybe for every huge condo, there be
a low income apts.. and they have to be built first??

Some how it shouldn't be big money wins out, the low
income pack up and finds a way to recoup their lives.

It should be a matter of principle...

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