Monday, February 15, 2016

I believe that Election Day should be June 2nd.

No, I don't mean primaries or caucus.
I am talking the main event... yes, that means
moving all the others back a few months.
But that is ok.

See, by having the election on June 1st. Then
we can vote for who we want.. but I also want
one more thing added to the ballot.  And that is
'NONE OF THE ABOVE' ...  and if None of
the Above wins.. then they have to scrap the
whole list of candidates and bring forward a
whole new bunch... The top 6 (3 on each side)
will be disqualified.  And then the rest have to get
their act together in time for a 2nd chance vote
of November second Tuesday's ballot.

Because this year.. all I see is NONE OF THE
ABOVE.  While I like some of Bernie things, I
don't think he is going to be the head runner.
And I am not understanding where he is going
to get the money for the free education and
health bill.   And there is no way.. no way...
I am voting for Hillary. Absolutely NOT..

There is no one on the Republican side that
either is sane enough or educated enough for
my vote. Rubio seems to be a nice guy, and
he can come back in 8 years and maybe he
has learn enough by that time... Cruz and
Trump are nut cases, totally. Scare the hell
out of me.  There really isn't any one on the
Ship of Fools... to pick from.

So it will be a vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE.
and if we can do it in June and scrap the
candidates and do it over in time for November,

well, that sounds reasonable to me.. 

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marlu said...

My oh my! Do I agree with you. I hadn't thought about voting in June but this two years of "electioneering" is way too long. It should be limited to six or eight weeks - not months.