Monday, February 01, 2016

Going to church.... or not

For those of us who do attend it every
week or occasionally.... why do you do that?

Yes we all go to connect with God and for those
who believe ... Jesus.   Some don't believe in Jesus
they believe is was the Billy Graham of the era.

At least that is what my mother told me. But she
professed to being an atheist.  Which I didn't believe her..
as she always talked about her horses and dogs going to
Heaven.. And if you don't believe in the main man,
how do you have a Heaven?   Maybe in her mind..
there was Heaven which was run by St. Peter and
it was for the animals?  Don't know if she
believe that she could go too, to join her animals
over the years..  We never talked about that. 
But she did request to talk to her friend's son, who
is a Preacher in her last weeks of life.

I have to admit that I am not a very good Christian.
Maybe I should reword that.. I feel I am a pretty
good Christian..(always room for improvement,
and I say I am a lump of clay that he is still working
on it) but not a good church goer.  I go off and on.
Some times I can go 8 or more months every week.
And then others.. I skip from time to time.. some
times up to 3 weeks in a row. some  just one..

So why do I go at all.. some of it is the social
part of it.. There is several people who go to the
early service like we do. I really enjoy connecting
with them..  I like the Pastor.. He is not a fire and
brimstone type.  He understand that people are
flawed, and it is ok with God and Jesus. He makes
his sermons funny, but comes with the message
before the end.  Also he has a nice baritone voice. 
Maybe not the best of reason to most steady going
Christians.  But works for me.  and God seems to

understand this piece of clay. 

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