Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dirty Tricks

It is getting harder and harder to follow the election
race.  The dirty tricks are getting worse all the time.
And it isn't the behind the scene types.. you know
where there is a slight mention of this or that.. This
is out there in your face type..  Videos and pictures
that are photoshopped.

Also all the angry pictures.. Trump with his mouth
wide open with an anger looks... same with
Clinton.  But we are use to Clinton's from last time

I also get a kick about how Trump says he is
going to do this and that.. and is changing
Health care and etc..   I guess he forgot that
Congress is involved with all this..  And if
for some wild thing.. the Democrats win
enough in Congress to swing it back around,
he will be in the same position as Obama.

But one thing is for sure.. this election race
is scaring the hell out of me.. more than any
other year that I have been alive.

Unless there is some miracle that someone
will come out of the woodwork and run as
an Independent, as an honest, upfront
person.. (like that is going to happen) and
I vote my own... NONE OF ABOVE... which
will give me the satisfaction of not voting for
any of these ship of fools.. I know the
next President of the United States is going to
be someone I really don't like.. short of hate.
I don't usually hate (it poisons yourself),

but this is going to be a close one.    

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