Monday, February 08, 2016

Lost 4 hours...

Now I am going to admit, that I am not the best
football fan.. and there is some of what they
do, that I don't understand anymore..

Like I thought they couldn't strip a ball out
of a guys hands/arms. If he drops it when
tackled, or drops it.. it is fair game..but to
have a guy try over and over to strip it
from your arms.. and then jump on it
and get the ball...or loose control of the
ball, have it dribble over the goal line
and then have the other team jump on
it and claim it, and get a touch down out
of it....  well, i don't remember
that being legal. but guess it is.

I like football.. I am not a religiously watcher
of the game, but I enjoy a good game. Even
if it isn't the Seahawks, or Pats, or even Raiders.
And I really like Super bowl.  I like the game, i like
the ads, and most of the time .. half time music.

But yesterday's Super Bowl.. the 50th ... was
a big disappointment.  The game was lousey
and boring. Mistakes after mistakes.. sloppy
playing at best... I have seen high school kids
who had a more exciting game.

I stuck it out to the end.. for two reasons..
One, to watch the ads.. which was no big
deal this year.. the dog ones seems to be
the best.. Even Bud seem to lack a lot.
But I kept thinking the game would get
better.  After all, how many of us have
watch the games.. and have stinking game
but in the 4th quarter come alive, and read
about it the next day.... kicking yourself
because you gave up and changed the channel.

Well, there is 4 hours, I will never get back.
The worse football game I have ever seen.
Surely the Bronco fans can't be proud of
how their team played.  I know they won.. but still.

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