Thursday, February 11, 2016

3 Generation Valentine dinner....

Those who have read this blog over the years,
know that I am not a fan of Valentine traditional
gifts.. meaning candy and roses...  They know that
the King is forbidden to get either one of those for

I really have it made as I get "for no reason roses"
thru the year... Or maybe I should refer to them as
" I thought you might like these today" roses. As
the King does that for no reason, or if I have come
thru a tough spot ... he will get me one to cheer me
up. These mean the world to me.

But I refuse to be party to the highway robbery
of the prices on roses.. The ads that guilt mostly
men into getting gifts for their loves.  Why pay
$20 and up for roses, when two days after
Valentines' Day .. they are $9.99 for a dozen?
Or $3.00 for one with baby breathes with it?
Some are guilt in to the price of diamonds.
Which I find outrageous

This year we decided to do a 3 generation Valentine
Day dinner at a local restaurant. It will be the King
and I, with our daughter and her husband...adding
our grandson with his girlfriend.. then we added in
a couple other people... to join us...  This is a lot
better than some roses that will die in a few days,
or candy that will add the pounds..  It should add

By the way, my kids use to come home from school,
and find hanging on their bed.. a sack with a dozen
chocolate chip cookies with a home made card.
These are the things that make Valentines Day

a memory. 

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