Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Will we have peace today or the opening of the Pandora box?

With the election results of today.... in Iowa,
will this be a defining time or just the opening of hell
on wheels?  The state is normally
known for common sense and not quite sensational
type of people.. But the media swoops down on them
every 4 years and makes things insane for them for a
couple of months.   

So here we will be, the first temperature for the
elections.  The first test of how the people feel.
Will the polls have it correct?  Or will it be a
different horse race all together..

None will really quit.. well, not the top 3. This
will just stoke the fires...and it will get a little
rougher and tougher.. More money will be spent.
After all the top 2 are in it for the full run. This
is not a race for the light of heart.

And so far only 4, I think of all the years, that have
won, have gone on to be President.. so that isn't even
good odds.  But it will give us an idea of how much
the bull that has flowed was actually believed by the

Were they impressed?  I don't think so, I think they
just loved the attention and the money that flowed
while the candidates were there. From the candidates
and the media who brought good money to these towns
even if it was just for a little while.

So I guess the word after today will be.

NEXT....  New Hampshire next week and then
the rest of the states...

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