Thursday, January 28, 2016

First day of CNA classes and blown out of the sky

I had just started my first class of CNA classes... Not
sure of myself.. after all I hadn't been in a class for
...what 29 years?  So here I am listening the best I can and
hope I can retain this information.  The classes were
going to be for 3 months.

We started at 8am... and then at 10am we took a break
...10 minute break, then back to class.
As soon as the door opened up, in rushed the Director
of Nurses...  THE SHUTTLE BLEW UP... they just
announced it just a little bit ago.. thought you would
like to know. 

Now this was before the days of instant media. No
Facebook, or internet..  This was 30 years ago.
So we all got a drink of water, went pee.. and came
back for class. After all it would be at least a hour
or so for the news to get it together...and who knew
how long before they would have why.

We were all sad, and then it dawn on us.. it was the
Challenger...with the teacher on it.  We talked a few
minutes about how horrible it would be for the kids.
And then back to school class.

We all went home at noon, and I am sure we watched
updates on television all day long.. The pictures of it
going up, blowing up.. coming down.. smoke, clouds,
and the look of those who were watching from the platform
near by.

Lot different from the day I was getting off work and
learn on the way home, that the plane flew into the
World Trade Center. And the media lit up from 6am
our time here ... until how many days later?  While
Facebook wasn't what it is today... but the internet

lit up. Searching for more information...

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