Monday, January 04, 2016

Chores of the start of the year...

As always the beginning of the year starts up with the constant
reminding ourselves for a week or two... to write or type a 6
instead of a 5.

Then there is the gathering of the papers of 2015.  For the next
season.. TAX season..  So all those folders, drawers, and where
ever else we put our receipts are to be seek out.

There is new calendars around the house... We have one in our
hall that is a huge one, like one has on a desk (at least years ago
they did, before computers).  It has areas big enough to write
appt. of all sorts..

Then there is (at least for me) the setting up the books so I have
the bills listed with the months spread out.. to keep track that
each one is paid monthly... with check number, and amount.
Also a page for the quarterly, semi and annual bills  to be
accounted for as well..

I have a folding bookkeeping folder, with all the receipts in
each month's slot set up for 2016... and now I have a full one
for 2015, which I have to go thru and see what is important
enough to file..... to keep to take to the guy who does our taxes
in February.

And to make life more interesting.. over the weekend we
discovered an area in a corner not used.... that has mold.
There was plastic bags in the area.. so don't know if they
helped by having a area that sweat or what.. but I have to
move furniture to get to it.. and find a process of how to
clean this mold out of here. It is our own fault as we saw
some dampens last year.. and thought well, when summer

comes we will tear it apart..  ... out of sight.. out of mind. 

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