Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unbelievable gullible.....

With most of us on Facebook in one way or
another... personal accounts or business..
You must have seen the latest posting
dealing with the recent billion dollar Powerball

These latest one.. and there are so many people's
pictures that have been photoshopped or just
plan out taken from some sites.. They go like

(you put in the proper association)  won $259, 000 (or you
put in the amount as long as you make it hundreds of
millions) and wants to share it with YOU... just like our
site and we will send you.... $5,000.00 or $10,000.00
(both have been mention).. just join us by liking our site.

And the crazy part of all this insane gullibility is, it is forward
by your friends... Friends who you know to be good level
headed people..  So it make it hard for you to make fun
or just say are you kidding me???.. you actually believe in
this?   Because then you would be ridiculing your
friend.. in front of all of Facebook.   Something you
never want to do to your friend.. if you want to keep
them... after all, they have a lot of other good qualities.

Personally I think it is sick mind who puts those up in
the first place.. it is cruel.

Happy birthday .. 76th TS... 

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