Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How does that work like that???

We have all heard about the incident in Flint, Michigan
with the water having lead in it... All because the Governor
decided to save money by changing the system.  Which
just happens to be loaded with lead.

So now they have sick kids, and others.. with more
to come.  The government of Michigan has known
this since April of 2014. And have had full knowledge
of it since summer of 2015..... but decided not to tell
the good citizens until winter of 2015. 

And here we are in 2016, and the water company is
still charging these people with homes there, for their
poison water. How does that work like that? 

Oh, common sense isn't used here... forgot that.. 
because common sense would not have changed
the water system in the first place,
with out testing it... and then after they knew for sure
common sense would have told the people...  But now
common sense really went out the window... with
charging the good people of Flint for the water.
Not much conscience there? 

And the bell will keep tolling.... as the results of the
damage will be here for years to come..
Health damages...and  damages allowed for in

courts across the town. 

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