Thursday, January 21, 2016

I wouldn't invite him to dinner....

The politicians are still crazy.. On both sides..
I watched about 20 minutes of the Democrat
debate...  As you know, I am NOT a Hillary fan.
And while I like what Sanders has to say...
especially when they point out all the countries
who have free medical.. I know I know. nothing
is for free...  My friend who lives in France tells
me she pays $10 for going to the Dr.  $20 to
go to the hospital..  so how is that?  They pay
$6.something a gal for gas..  which has a tax
to pay for health care.  And from what I have
heard from her about it.. it is worth it.. After all
she went in last November and had free surgery.
I know .. I know.. nothing is free..but it was free
to her.  They are not low income.. it is just the
way it is there..  Be nice if we all had the same
insurance. Congress and the rest of us.

But what surprised me of the debate was... Hillary
wrapping herself up in Obama and her husband
Bill.. Time and time she quote the good of Obama.
Considering how the whole country feels about
our President.. I was surprise... And Bill. oh, my
gosh.. her remarks of ... yes, I will send him out
for being a goodwill ambassador... (I bet she
would make him an ambassador or even Sec.
of state) .. I will listen to his suggestions and
ask questions ... I will value his input.... all of
this she said at the debate..  What the hell is
this?  A rerun of Bill and Obama?  You would
think that would be a deal breaker for the voters.

And now Sarah Palin has come out for Trump
for President...  boy that has to have Cruz
holding his gonads...  what the heck?  I thought
she was one of those tea party gals.. and Cruz
is one.. so you would have thought she would
have camped out in his camp.. Wow.. politics
does make some strange bedfellows.. 

Trump might be saying what so many Americans
have said at one time or another..   And I love the
way he mixes it up his fellow candidates.. He has
stirred up the Republican party stew more an
another one ever has.. and I think it is funny...
But I wouldn't invite him to dinner.

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