Thursday, January 14, 2016


It is that time of the year.. even if you did
not make it a resolution.. you still try.

Lose weight. Be it 10 pounds or 60.. something
about the fresh of the year, makes you think
you might make it, this time..

But the elements are against you. 
Every where you look.. FOOD ...FOOD.. FOOD.
and not just the normal soups and sandwiches.
But the cookies, fried bread.. bacon wrapped
anything.. jalapeno stuffed with cheese, or
onion stuffed with meat loaf type food, all of
which is wrapped in the magic food of BACON.

They are everywhere.. on the shows, on Facebook,
(and I have been guilty as others of sharing some
thing good)...and magazines, the elements are against you.

Get so you feel like you are part of that dog
food treat, that we use to heard.. bacon, bacon
bacon..   Everything goes well with bacon...

I like a weekly magazine like called Woman's
World. I like the crossword puzzles in it. and
some of the foodies articles..
But I have to laugh every time I pick it up.
See there is a well known person usually, with
huge headlines of articles inside, of how some
one lost 50 to 100's of pounds.. yet when you
look at the bottom of the front page what do you
see?  The latest and best of delicious goodies.
So easy to make steps.   Kind of counter
productive, don't you think?  

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