Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oh, the cars you could buy....

The trading and visiting door has open to Cuba.
And for the car lover, that is great news...

Especially those who love 1950's cars. And
they are in beautiful shape from the looks in the
magazines and papers you see.

So if you win the 1 Billion 300 Million, there
is another deal for you.. going to Cuba and
see how many of those taxi guys are willing to
sell or trade those wonderful cars.

With that kind of money, you can buy the cars
AND afford the shipping..  Of course you might
have to trade a new car or vans from America to
replace the ones you are buying.  

The thought that came to mind when I saw
those beautiful cars, .....why haven't they bought
newer ones... after all we are not the only
country that manufacture vehicle of all sorts.

Even Russia, has cars.. 

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