Tuesday, January 05, 2016

First the grieving.... and then.......

In two more days, it will be a month that we lost our
family member...

First there is disbelief.. then there is the WHY...
then there is the taking care of business.... mixed with

There is the funeral, of course, to take care of.. that is
immediate... the planning...trying to make the right

Then comes the awakening of having to deal with all the
paper work...   all of which you find out is pending because
of the need of the death certificate. That took almost 10

There is the returning the vehicle back to the loaner.
Finding out the bills... checking the papers to find out
what bank?  What insurance company for the car. What
credit cards?  And what the heck are all these cards?

Then getting rid of personal effects...clothing, the things
we all collect.  Seeing if a family member wants anything,
friends...  going thru ones life thru boxes, storage sheds,
gathering up things left with different friends... And never
ending amount, that you finally get the bigger stuff done
and have to stop... Getting burnt out on papers...so many
...  what is important? what is not needed,  useless to us,
papers.. magazine that were saved.. and etc.

We have got 5/8 of it done.. we are at the stage of taking
a break...   And then there is the memorial that her friends
put on.. and we attended.. such a outpour  of love... 4 hours
of hugs, tears, kind words... cards... food.... music...  our
love one would look down and be in wonderment.  We
so appreciate everything.. but the hugs were the best of all.

The room full of love... It all helps and replenishes us to carry on. 

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