Monday, January 11, 2016

House for sale....2000 MILLION

With everyone going out to buy their Powerball tickets,
I figured you all might be interested in uptowning your
house.. It is in California.. so no more snow..  It is just
a mere 200 MILLION.. so you will have lots left over.

In the ad, that is making it around the internet, they
aren't very forth coming on how much land or how
many bedrooms... but they do mention one bedroom
is off limits..   See the house comes with a roomie..
The owner who is selling it.  Hugh Hefner.

Now who wouldn't want old 89 year old Hugh
for a roomie, right?  Especially when you kicked
in 200 Million for it.  Sound like to me that Hugh
is looking for a person to pay for the upkeep of the

Don't know what he is going to do with the things
in the house. One room keeps a multi-shelf of books
about his life in his business and houses.  That is a
room in itself.  And what about his deco furniture.
Well, some of it might be up to date. 

And then there is of course the girls who come to visit.
I guess if you are a name dropper, you might like it.
Because his friends stop by from time to time. to
booze and have a little of his drugs, as he is well
know for having at his houses.

But you are stuck with Hugh until he dies, or
you might have to hire a nurse and caretaker, as
there is probably a cause in there about not putting
him in a nursing home.

Me, I will pass... never like Hugh in the first place,
and like I said, it just looks like to me, like he is wanting
a person who will keep the upkeep on it. Paying for
lawn service, pools and grottos service say nothing

about what ever needs repairs inside. 

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