Thursday, January 07, 2016

Be careful what you leave behind...

You know the saying...on the ad on television...
What is in your wallet?  Well, a better question
would be... what is in your drawers...

We all have extra stuff in our dresser... don't know about
men...but women it is usually the underwear drawer..
Guess it is the drawer  that she figures no man or child
would venture into... to see what is in there..

But also, one should be careful what one has hid
in their bathroom closets and drawers.. way in the

As we have been going thru our love ones things,
trying to decide what to do with each thing.. it made
me go back in my memory of 15 years ago.  I was asked
to help clean out an elderly lady's apt. 

We got rid of the clothes to Goodwill, we did the same
for the kitchen stuff... pots and pans, silverware and etc.
By the time we got to the bathroom we were running
out of steam.  And we each had to go home to our
families...   So I got a big tote.. and told them.. you
guys take the closet, I will take the drawers.. and
proceeded to dump out the drawers in this tote I
brought with me.   They filled up their boxes and
we all left for our homes.

The next day, after my husband went to work, I
got the tote out.  Got the garbage can on the other
side.. and started going thru it.  Shampoo's like 8
of them in varies amounts of fill in them. Conditioners.
Disposable razors, jars and bottles of creams... curlers
of old.   You know the metal ones with the red roller
on the end of the snap. Keys to who knows what.. screw
driver...bobby pins, cotton swaps and etc.

And THEN.. IT APPEARED... my jaw dropped and
I started to laugh... not just giggle, but real belly laugh.
Good thing no one was home.  You see when I got to the
bottom, I turn the tote upside down, so I didn't have to
dangle over the side... and IT rolled across the floor.
I had seen them in magazines over the years... You know
the ads that say, you can use it on your neck to vibrate
the aches out..... But if you read some of the other catalogs,
you know what it is... It was about a foot long, off white
in color, and about inch and half around... with a batteries
door on the end...  I am still almost doubling over .. laughing.
Well, my dear miss..  xxxx (her name) I am so surprised...
Where she got this item... I don't know...  But how the hell
do I get rid of it?

So I kicked it on to a newspaper (after all you don't know
where this has been, but then again.. you might know)  I
wrapped the newspaper around it.. then I took another
newspaper and wadded it up into a ball.. and put it on
the end... and taped the whole affair.  Now looking
like a bomb... so wadded up some more paper and
balled it around it...and taped it.. and then I bagged it
and taped that...    As I had visions of throwing it in
the garbage can and then the garbage man throwing
the garbage with vigor into the truck.. and seeing it
unwrap, slow motionally... and mortifying me... down
the pile towards the garbage man...and him looking at me
as I come out to get my cans...

Thankfully this time there were not any embarrassing.

But got to admit, the girls and I had a new admiration for
the old gal of 15 years ago, as we giggled over coffee

about my find... ... Way to go grandma.... 

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