Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Who says I have to act my age?

NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE the older generation..

I am sure there is a lot of you, who are out there, who
have seen on Facebook, or the internet.. You tube and etc.
Where there are woman and even a few men who are in
their 80's and more.. who dance... like a 20 year old.
Well, ok, maybe like a 30 year old... But they are doing
the Charleston, Samba, Salsa and etc.. dancing. Even
some are in races.  SO don't underestimate the older ones.  

See we have come to find out.. that age is just a number
of how long we have been here...NOT to limit how we feel,
how we act... or what we do.. 
And just for the record..
NO, I can not do what they did... and that is my fault, for
not staying limber...

So those who are heading that way..
always loosing up.. bodily and mentally.  I am hoping
it isn't too late for me.. but what ever I get loose in
my body, will be a plus from what I am now.. Don't get
me wrong.. I still do a lot of what I use to do.. and
maybe more than the average 75 year old.. but I have
so much more to work on. I have let computer time
overflow in the winter... and that I am going to change.

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