Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Civility.....what happen to it?


synonym = same as
Civility = Politeness, Courtesy, Good manners, Graciousness,    Consideration, Respect

Oppose of civility is... rudeness    

One thing that these debates have showed us, is how low the bar
can go.... especially on the Republican side... Democrat side
Hillary is the one who will walk over the top of Bernie talking.
If it turns out to be Trump and Hillary at the national debate.. we
are in trouble. as it will be a yelling fest.   I personally think
the moderator or someone off stage.. should be able to cut the
sound to the mike of the aggressor..

What these people have showed us.. who ever speaks the
loudest, gets the most attention...... and bad attention is
good in their book.  Me.. I have always thought, who
ever it is.. national or in my own family, when one starts
to yell over the top of the other.. it means they are losing
the battle, and if they are louder, they will take back the
discussion that is turning into the shouting match. Which
louder does not mean more truth .

And God help us, when the person who gathers enough
electoral, goes over seas and doesn't like what the foreign
representative says. 

And the saying, I will be more Presidential when I win,
well if you keep sounding like you are in a bar brawl, you
just might not be in the office, if people find their common
sense again.  

What happen to subjects like, foreign policies, the economy
and how you plan to get more jobs here?  
When did we lower the bar to the candidates body parts?  Gag reflex. 

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