Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Going to the circus tonight.....

Going to do something I have never done before

Today is the Democrat caucus...
I have never been to one before...
My daughter is going, so I figured, why not.

Now neither one of us is a Democrat.
But unlike the Republican party, the Democrats
like us unaffiliated ones... or at least let us

Now this is where it is one of those, you aren't
voting for someone, but against someone, at
least for us.  And we know we are blowing in
the wind...but at least we will feel like we did

I also look at it as a learning curve, to see
just how all this works..  because the Republican's
have a primary... so it is easy, just walk in..tell
them who you are.. (in our state, you have to
sell your soul and sign a paper that you are a
Republican for the day)... and then you go
make your mark.

With a caucus, from what I have been told,
it is kind of like a circus....  you sit or stand
in an area of the candidate you like or the
lesser of the 2 or 3 evils.. they count you..
and if they like the count, you get to go
home..  tale is, you count on a 2 hour deal.

Why do they have to make it so long and
hard... after all in my state.. there aren't
any real Democrats.. as everyone knows
we bleed RED... and they control us.. making
all the rules.. (see how the Republicans
have a closed primary)
So this ought to be interesting..

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