Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Snowball Trump

Think for a moment... think of when you use
to make snowballs... some to throw from a
snow fort.. and some to roll downhill, to watch
it grow bigger and bigger as it goes...

Now think of Trump of last year, as a 3 foot
snowball that people  have put
together...  and then you all gather to push
this heavy ball to the edge of the hill top...
You all are laughing.. and wonder if it will
make it to the bottom, but you doubt it will,
after all he fell out of grace early last time...
You think it is funny, he is the big ego, that
ran a television show where the music was
money, money for the tune and he yelled
YOU'RE FIRED...  . Who would elect him?
After all, people were fighting against the big
CEO's of Wall Street.

But as your ball starts to go down, you see
it is, in fact growing, and then you see some
twigs in its way.. but the twigs get caught
up in the ball.. and you all laugh.  As it
gathers even more stuff, some of the under
belly of the snow is starting to show thru
the ball.. You see it just miss some people...
but it is still gathering as it is half way
down the hill.. and it looks giant. 

Now you and your friends are getting a little
concerned, as it is so big, it won't stop, and
still gathering the under the snow junk.
You see some people trying to stop it, but
it gathers more speed and those people
are bounced off of the ball.
Then you see it is heading toward people
at the bottom of the hill.  Now you and your
friends are looking on in horror, as you know
it is going to hit those people with full force,
and there is nothing you can do about it.

That is the Trump snowball... those who started
the ball going..  And people who thought it was
funny, as he ran before but dropped out fairly fast.
But this time, as the ball goes over the edge.. it
is gathering more snow (people)... and you and
your friends are wondering how this is going to be.
You see it (Trump snowball) is gathering the hatred,
that so many people who you thought were the
minority, getting picked up as the ball goes down
the hill.. in fact they are now helping by pushing
off with their feet as it goes around.  It is heading
to the convention... in June? ... where people will
try to stop him... but will that ball get more speed?
As it heads to November, the bottom of the hill...
the ball is all around us... Those who were hoping
the ball would break apart, are in horror, at what
they first thought was funny. Not so funny anymore.
The joke is on all of us who enjoyed the fact that
Trump was stirring up the stuffy shirts of the

Republican party... nope, not so funny anymore. 

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