Thursday, March 10, 2016

Family History....

It is amazing what you can find out on line...
There are several sites that you can go to., of course is the most famous
one.. That one has a fee...   but there are
others that have information, for free...  and
then there is the census. And even gravesites.

Thru the census, I learn that my grandfather
at the age of 36 was the President of the
company he worked for. While I knew that he
worked for them and started as a timekeeper,
later in life got to be the CEO... but didn't
know that at the age of 36 he was already
there.... I figured when he was 50 or more.

I also learn a few more relatives... and then
about several of the women who traveled
by themselves to England and such.

And the census also told of some of the trades
of the men...   women were 99% housewives.
One did own her own furniture store at the
turn of the century, in St. Louis, Mo. 

It was some pretty cool stuff there.. and believe
it or not.. there was not one horse thief there.
Although there was a horse trader.. nothing
about the honesty or not of him.  haha..

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