Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Talking Stage....

We all have probably experience it in our growing up,
when around grandparents and elderly aunts and uncles.
We might even have whispered to a cousin or our parents..
“Grandma/Aunt Lou is talking to herself”

We have even joked about it … about ourselves from time to time. I talk to myself, as I am the only intelligent person I know.. or I want to have a meaningful conversation… to cover up when some one catches us doing it.

Well, the other day, I caught myself doing it… a few memo words. Stay focus… don’t forget.. xxx…  It isn’t the big stuff that trips me up, it is the little stuff… like why did I come into this room to do what? Of course, I have help with the big stuff. I have a calendar in the hall way up on the wall for the King and I to see each day. It is a extra large desk calendar… We haven’t forgotten anything so far.
But to make sure we don’t … we put It up there.  We have had friends younger than us, who have forgotten a date… So we write on the calendar .. just in case. Especially if one of us was told about a place or thing we need to know…without the other one there. This way both of us are aware.

The King is worse for this, than I am.
A friend who was sitting next to him at a gathering.. told him to not forget, what time we were leaving for Montana, and also about a lunch date with them.  Luckily she called me. She got on the phone with him after and said.. wasn’t that you, who was sitting beside me and talking to me about these things.. both of them laughing. We joking
say, don’t forget to tell the secretary.. (me) …

I shouldn't say I have never forgotten anything.. as I have spaced a few council meetings.. which I “like” to go to.. it isn't mandatory. So I don’t count those as lapse of memory… it only counts if it was something fairly important.  I was doing something at the time, and was engrossed in that, that I space the meeting.  Priorities, I guess.

I use to be great at multitasking, I could do many things, not so much at once, as in a row, sometimes two at a time.. but now.. I better just line up one or two in a row.. lol…

So if you find yourself giving yourself brief memos.. it is ok.. we all do it at one time or another… and now we understand Grandma/Auntie more..  They weren’t looney after all.. haha

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